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PAL NTSC Standards Conversion

Professional re-authoring of complete DVD movies from PAL to NTSC format for redistribution.

When distributing foreign DVD movies to North America that were originally authored in PAL format, you want to maintain as much of the original DVD content as possible. We convert PAL standard DVD movies to NTSC. Not just the movie - the menus, extras, and chapter points. Sub titling can also be added for the translation of foreign language films. Your re-mastered and re-authored DVD movie will be ready for duplication or replication.

Changes to disc, inserts, and trap sheet artwork to reflect language change or cultural differences are the final steps to transform the DVD for North American distribution.

DVD Re-Authoring

Standards conversion PAL to NTSC
DVD menu conversion
Language subtitles
Artwork and design

Packaging Options

We offer a basic range of DVD print and packaging products to compliment your DVD media. Typical packaging types available include the standard DVD case, slim DVD case, CD slim jewel case, as well as cardboard and paper sleeves. Other packaging is available - just ask.

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