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FullColorDuplications.com is a DVD and Blu-Ray duplication company based in Vancouver, BC specializing in full colour thermal direct on disc printing. A photo realistic image is applied using heat and pressure, with a clear coat applied over top for a professional look. The finished product is a durable, virtually indestructable, and UV protected print that ensures vibrant colors for the life of the disc. The printing won't scratch off, in fact, you'll likely ruin the disc before you scratch the label. This enables discs to be used for commercial distribution because of its ability to withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

If it's a larger quantity you need, we also replicate DVD discs. Disc replication offers a lower cost over duplication on larger quantity runs.

Who We Are

A division of Astral Digital Video, DVD duplications form only part of the breadth of services we provide. Select from the menus for more information on dvd duplication, replication, packaging options, and video services. Short runs and fast delivery, we keep it simple and take the worry out of duplication.

DVD Duplication

Disc duplication can be turned around very quickly and is cost effective for short runs. Replication is ideal for large runs of 400 or greater but requires a longer production time of at least 3 weeks. We can provide duplication or replication of your DVD project.

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